Will you be proud of this?


People have always wanted fame and glory. 

Back in the day, men wanted statues and buildings named after them. They wanted people to sing songs of their praise.

Not a lot has changed.

Many entrepreneurs like ourselves seek eternal fame in other ways. 

Some want to write books, not to transfer knowledge, but to be remembered for writing a book. 

Others want to appear on podcasts, not to share and inspire but to increase their notoriety. 

Others still seek to be featured, speakers. Not to reach a wider audience with their message, but to help a wider audience reach them.

We want fame now and we hope that it will last even after we die.

Marcus Aurelius observed this and pointed out that even if they could somehow know that a shrine was put up in their name, “would it please them?”

What happens after we leave this planet isn’t so important.

I do believe legacy is important, but what is more important is what we do now, in the moment. 

Who we are as a person and how we respond to crises and difficulty. 

Our legacy should be that we did the right thing. Or at least that we tried. Not that we built a 7-figure business or amassed 140,000 followers.

Right now you are living through history – an event your kids and their kids will be asking about. Will you be able to take pride in how you responded to this challenge?

Can you make this part of your quiet but noble legacy? Or are you simply waiting this out so you can go back to earning money or chasing fame?

Will you be proud of who you were today?

That, my friend, is the question.


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This post is highly inspired by Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic. Stoicism has been a great influence on my success as an entrepreneur as well as a person.  
Dale Harris
Personal Branding Coach